November 25, 2016 cuber

ATTAX.CSGO – ESL Wintermeisterschaft playoffs

Again our team will go into the ESL Meisterschaft playoffs this weekend. They will take place in the Landschaftspark Duisburg, where also the ESL spring tournament was played earlier this year.

Even though the team only played two cups, they placed fifth in the cup phase and was therefore qualified for the groupstage. In Group A the team played against the teams of BLUEJAYS and EURONICS Gaming. With two wins in both games the boys won the group and saved their slot for the playoffs. In the Semi-final we will face PENTA Sports, which always is a candidate for a final. In the other semi-final the teams of EURONICS Gaming and the playoff newcomer of DIVIZON will play against eachother. Due to internal reasons our team will go into the tournament with two standins. Nevertheless we are looking forward to this event and we hope that we can deliver a thrilling show to the audience.Let´s go aTTaX!

Playoff participants



November, 26th 2016 – 14:20 CET