A new Substitude for our CS:GO Team


Due to the high frequency of tournaments and events in the CS:GO scene our team decided to sign a sixth player, to be able to compensate absences. With this step we hope to close time related gaps efficiently, with a player that is already integrated in the lineup and therefore also in the training.
This position will be undertaken by Markus `maRky´ Reitenbach as of now. maRky is a well known face in the scene and recently was a member of EURONICS Gaming, but also was standin in our team multiple times. We wish Markus good luck as a member of our team! Let´s go aTTaX!

Statement of Niklas `sliver´ Timmermann, Deputy General Manager:

During the last weeks we had to rely on standins on account of the high tournament density and the temporal charges linked with it more and more to even allow an advancement in the various competitions. Therefore, we have decided in arrangement with our coach to give the team a firm alternative for training and the upcoming competitions. With Marky we have won a player who can and will engage in the team immediately without needing great familiarisation.

Statement von Markus `maRky´ Reitenbach:

After I have helped out ALTERNATE in the PGL Minor Qualifier, I had a conversation with tow B a few days later, in which he informed me that they want to oblige me as a substitute. Obviously that is not my claims for my future, because I would like to play and be successful with my team. That’s why I will not remain just as a substitute and wait for my applications, but I will work together actively with the team. My field of application will be very versatile, because I will assist tow b in the fault analysis and give him my input. On top of that I will be involved in discussions and training units of the team to be on the newest state and to develop myself.
I have got a lot of promising offers during the season. After the offer of ALTERNATE I exactly had to consider which step I would like to enter. I see it as a chance for the future, because I will be able to learn in this time much from good and experienced players and I am very glad about the cooperation.