ATTAX.CSGO in the eSportsArcadeTV Cup


After their surprising win at the ESL Meisterschaft playoffs our team will compete in another tournament as of tomorrow. This cup is hosted by eSportsArcadeTV and has an overall prizepool of 5.000$.

The tournament will go from december 6th until december 8th and is played in a single-elimination bracket. The bracket includes eight european teams that will fight for their share of the prize money. Six of these teams are directly invited by the tournament operators. The last two spots have been filled through an open qualifier on the last weekend. In the following you will find the list of all invitees and the prize money table. Best of luck to our boys. Let´s go aTTaX!


LDLC Tricked Norse

Prize money

Place Prize money
1st $2,750
2nd $1,250
3rd-4th $500