ATTAX.CSGO with a new Lineup


There has been lots of speculation about our CS:GO team in the last few days and weeks. We have played, and won, the ESL Meisterschaft and also participated in other events with stand-ins. We now are able to announce a new and complete CS:GO lineup and also welcome a new coach for the team.

After a long time of playing we unfortunately have to report two exits from the team. These are Oliver ´kzy´ Heck and our AWP Kevin ´keev´ Bartholomäus, which both leave us for internal reasons. We thank both of them for the great and successful time and we wish them all the best for their future.
We now come to the pleasing part of this article, because at the end of every way also begins a new one. We warmly welcome, as our new CS:GO coach, Tobias ´tow b ´ Herberhold, who is a well known face in the scene and recently played for Planetkey Dynamics. To replace kzy and keev the team decided after a time of selection to engage Oskar ´oskarish´ Stenborowski and Lukas ´ecfN´ Kauer. Oskar has a lot of professional experience from his time in teams like PENTA Sports, Team Lioncast and KILLERFISH eSport. Lukas in contrast is a fresh and aspiring talent and recently started for BLUEJAYS at the 99Dmg finals. We have a strong believe in the new lineup and are facing an exciting future. Let´s go aTTaX!

Statement Deputy General Manager

Right after PGL we knew that we were not going to start 2017 with the line-up being on that event which is why we were looking for two replacements. Those have been found by adding ecfN and oskarish to our roster. Furthermore tow b will join the team and take over the role as our coach. Crisby will take over the role as our ingame leader like he already did at the ESL Meisterschaft. Our goal for 2017 will be to stay ahead of the national competition as well as to pick up the pace in international competitions.

– Niklas ‘Sliver‘ Timmermann