ATTAX.Dota 2 with a roster change!


From its founding, our Dota 2 team had quite a stable roster (at least considering scene’s standards).  Since the Sasu‘s departure in the end of last year, and acquiring of Robertg9 afterwards, ALTERNATE ATTAX was slowly but steadily climbing up the ladder of best EU Dota2 teams. However the players felt the need to accelerate their progress. And here Kacor comes in.

Today we have to announce that we will part ways with robertg9. With Kacor as our new support player we hope to finally reach out into the tier 1.

– Niklas ‘Sliver‘ Timmermann

Former member of the presently second best team in Poland – Team Rocket – Jakub Kacor Kocjan is a support player. He used to be a “4” position in his former team, and more importantly he was also a shotcaller. In ATTAX Jakub is going to form a support duo with Rafał eL_lisash Wójcik, and also help him to create an updated game style. We  keep ours fingers crossed for the renewed ATTAX.Dota 2, hoping that time will prove that decision right.

One of the first offical matches with the Kacor on board will be today’s game against Danish Bears in a ProDota Cup Europe #4. It should also be a tough one, as DB are on of the best up and coming European teams. Will the refreshed ATTAX.Dota 2 prove strong enough to advance to the semifinals? Tune in at 19:00 CET to find out.

Present ALTERNATE ATTAX.Dota 2 are:

  • pl Natan Exotic_Deer Michalewicz
  • pl Przemysław Supreme  Jankowski
  • pl Michał Nisha Jankowski
  • pl Rafał eL_lisasH Wójcik
  • pl Jakub K4cor Kocjan