ATTAX.Dota2 with complete roster once again


After few weeks of playing with a stand-in, we can finally state that our Dota 2 squad is once again a five man squad.

Several months have past since the team decided to part ways with sasu and now is the time to announce his successor. Our stand-in player robertg9 will pick up the role as 4/5 position ingame and replace sasu as a permanent member of the lineup. Due to this change in roles Nisha will switch to the off-lane.

– Niklas ‘sliver‘ Timmermann

I was very suprised about the invitation to team Alternate, but ofcourse i accepted it and now I have the chance to compete with the best teams of dota 2.

– Robert ‘robertg9‘ Glazer

Formerly Robert, alongside his brother Maciej, was a part of the second best Dota 2 team in Poland – Crucial Team. After the disbandment of that squad both of them stepped aside a bit from competetive playing. Luckily for us, after sasu’s departure and failure of cooperation with sQreen, Robert appeared as a free agent and helped the team immensly in the time of need.  During the last few months he become integral part of the team, and from now on he will be officially ATN.robertg9. Welcome in ALTERNATE aTTaX, Robert!


  • pl Natan Exotic_Deer Michalewicz
  • pl Przemysław Supreme  Jankowski
  • pl Michał Nisha Jankowski
  • pl Rafał eL_lisasH Wójcik
  • pl Robert robertg9 Glazer