ATTAX in RO16 of TI#6 open qualis in few hours!


After a strong showing in yesterday’s marathon, our Dota 2 players advanced to the second day of competition. With only sixteen teams left on the field and only one team advancing the atmosphere is getting pretty tense.
Like yesterday the play is going to start at 18:00 CEST, with four round of games scheduled. While round of 16 and quaterfinals will be played as dreaded BO1, the semis and the grand final will be the only BO3s in the whole bracket. That being said in order to make it to the Regional Qualifier, ATTAX.Dota 2 must defeat four other teams.

The only opponent that we will face for sure is FIN, which unsurprisingly is a team of Finnish players (Trixi and Buugi being the most notable). The next potential opponent for ATTAX is going to be the winner of Danish Bears/Polar1ty match – both teams being familiar opponents to Poles. In the semifinals we will most likely see recently reformed Kaipi or Elements One, both of which would be relatively unknown teams to our players but not necessarily the favourites to win.
The real final boss though will almost certainly await in the finals. Given the ATTAX will be fortunate and strong enough to make it there, they will almost certainly encounter fan favourite, the runner up of Frankfurt Major – Team Secret. This time the Puppey & co. were forced to play open qualifiers due to roster change which made them unable to receive direct invite to The International.
Will ATTAX.Dota 2 make it to the finals today and face the star-studded Secret? Tune in at 18:00 CEST to find out if that’s the case!