BLOG: Gamescom Day 2

Thursday: 06.08.2015

The loss against Fnatic was very hard for our team yesterday. accordingly the second morning was a little depressed. Thankfully today were not so much traffic around cologne and we could reach the WCA stage around 9:45 a.m. So we had time to prepare for our match against Natus Vincere. After trade visitor day yesterday, gamescom was open for everyone today and the halls get filled by people.

Today the first match started on point. Up to today, Liquid could win all of their offline matches, so most viewers thought it should be an easy win for Liquid against Natus Vincere. But matters should turn out differently. Na’Vi could win the very close match with 2-0 in their favour.

Second match for today was our match against Natus Vincere, which could win their first match surprisingly against Team Liquid. Finally our guys could show their performance and the match was very close. Unfortunately they did some little mistakes and the match was in the end 2-0 in Na’Vis favour. Nevertheless this game was a big improvement to yesterdays match. Witch this performance it should be possible to beat Team Liquid tomorrow in our alst group stage game. #ATNattax