ESLM 2017 is ready to start

The ESL Meisterschaft this year forms out of the best 8 teams of the last year and the best 8 of the new introduced major ladder. The final of the Spring Split will take place at an
offline event. Beside a prize money of 30.000€ the winner’s team receives a place to the qualification for Challenger Series.
The three Core teams, which Alternate aTTaX have to face in the ESL championship are Eyes on U, Myterious Monkeys and Team Lioncast. In this case Eyes on U occupied the 3rd place in the ESL 2016 and played in the semi-finals of the winter cup.
Nevertheless they lost against Mysterious Monkeys, which lined up against Iguana Esport in the finals. Team Lioncast did not accomplish in the semi-finals, but achieved nevertheless a high whole score and became 4. in the ranking list of ESL still before the Mysterious Monkeys. We are curious about fair and exciting matches and wish a lot of succes to all teams.

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ALTERNATE aTTaX goes League of Legends

After the relaunch in late 2015 we are now happy to announce our next big step. We were able to pick up one of the most promising teams fighting for the slot. From now on we will continue our League of Legends legacy with the well known Iguana eSports LoL line-up!

  • Bor “Kektz” Jeršan – Toplane
  • Gerrit “Phrenic” Stukemeier – Jungle
  • Janik “Jenax” Bartels – Midlane
  • Martin “HeaQ” Kordmaa – Marksman
  • Arphan “Arphan” Omar – Support
  • Christopher “patox” Gellner – Manager
  • Danusch “Arvindir” Fischer – Coach

Statement Deputy General Manager

After completely rebooting the whole ALTERNATE aTTaX project in late 2015 we are now happy to announce our next big step on our way to the top. Right in front of the upcoming qualification for the Challenger Series we were able to pick up one of the most promising teams fighting for the slot. From now on we will continue our League of Legends legacy with the well known Iguana eSports LoL line-up. Let´s go aTTaX!

– Niklas ‘Sliver‘ Timmermann


Waiting has come to an end. Just one day left until our League of Legends female team will participate at the ESWC 2015 PGW. It is eagerly awaited and our team is high motivated to present as good as possible. After the successful preparation in our boot camp, one is confident to show a good performance.

In this coverage we will keep youo up to date with all matches and results. Further we will provide you some pictures from paris and recap videos from each game.

So for the next three days, from the 28th to the 30th of October keep your fingers crossed for our ladies!

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Interview with Tina on the ESWC

We had the chance to get an interview with our League of Legends female team captain Tina ‘Tinalicious‘ Scherwitzl. She answered some questions about ESWC and also on her time being in Team ALTERNATE.

What do you think about your time being in Team Alternate right now, do you like it so far?

I´ve been working for a few organisations by now, but Alternate is the best organisation by far. They are loyal, motivated, very polite, respectful and are always looking to bring out the best in us.
Since we are females, we have had a really hard start, because some people think that females rather belong in the kitchen as on the computer, but Alternate helps us so much to represent the whole world the difference!

The ESWC is the first big event for you and your team, are you excited about that?

Of course we are, but we know that we´ve done everything possible what we could have done, so that helps us to reassure ourselves. Also our coach Josh “Furndog” Furneaux have done a great time supporting us. He helped us really well to wrork on all our mistakes.

How did you prepare escpecially for this event?

Well, Alternate gave us the great opportunity of a bootcamp in their gaming house which is located in germany. Before that, I was researching allt he enemy teams as good as I can, ´m sure all in all it was a few hundret hours of work we all put in.
Apart from that, we did a lot of scrims and way more teamrank, which we got it to Platinum 1! We are playing against way better enemies now, which is a really good practise for us.

Did the lan bootcamp help you in preparing for the tournament?

Yes, very much. We got used to different computer, the really awesome hardware of Sharkoon, to us in person, and had a great time of preparation.

How do you see your chances for the ESWC tournament after winning the ATN Cup?

Well not every team who got invited to Paris was playing in the ATN Cup, but we focus on our groupstage only at the moment, since everybody call our Group B the “group of death”, because there are really good teams in it.
Of course, top 2 is our goal!

Do you think we will experience a big surprise in Paris and which team is your favourite to win the tournament?

I can´t really tell names of my favourite teams, because all 8 teams who got invited are awesome and did a lot of effort for this.
But some teams and players have shown no respect to us, so we will try to show everybody that we can do it!

How do you see the differentiation between female and male cups, do you think there should be a differentiation or should we have tournaments in eSports that are open for both female and male?

No i don´t think there should be a difference between females and males.
The actual reason why I formed this team was, that the whole League of Legends Community is bad mouthing the female players, because when they have a higher elo as them, then they are “just boosted”, and if they are lower “they should go back to kitchen”. We want to show everybody that we can do it!

Thank you for your time and best of luck for the tournament!

Thank you Alternate and their dear sponsors to make it possible for us.
We highly appreciate it!

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