ESL Meisterschaft – Recap


Mysterious Monkeys is spring split champion in 2017!

The spring split of the ESL 2017 is over and at the finals we could experience exciting matches. Semi-finals and the final ended with a serie of 2:0 but this couldn´t stop the excitement.

  1. Semi-final Mysterious Monkeys vs Aequilibritas eSports:

    With the return of the Player Abbedagge Mysterious Monkeys decided the first game. Nevertheless, Aequilibritas get a hold of themselves in the second match and could build up an advantage for them and showed that they are one of the best 4 teams. But Mysterious Monkeys made clear that they wanted to win raise up their play speed and overran the enemy simply.

  2. Semi-final EURONICS Gaming vs ALTERNATE aTTaX:

    The heated clash of the both teams started slowly but seemed to explode after a few minutes. Both teams put everything they got into these games to prove that they are capable to get into the final and become champion. EURONICS Gaming won the series with a 2:0 over ALTERNATE after they used out the faults of their enemy.

  3. Final Mysterious Monkeys vs EURONICS Gaming:

    The final match was a never changing thing of who could pick up the lead. Mysterious Monkeys which grewstronger every minute had to face hard starts but a quiet head and much teamplay helped to win over EURONICS Gaming.

We gratulate Mysterious Monkeys to this Achievement and wish them a lot of luck for their following career.