ESL Sommermeisterschaft – Playoffs


At the end of the regular season and the qualification for the Playoffs, the semifinals are waiting on the weekend in Takes Gaming bar. Qualified for this year semis are once more our team, Mysterious Monkeys e.V., EURONICS Gaming and Attempting to Reconnect e.V.. The winners of both semis will travel from Krefeld to the Gamescom 2017 in cologne where at the 26th of August the masters in FIFA 17, League of Legends and CS:GO will investigate.

Ranking ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2017:

Place Team Points
1. Mysterious Monkeys e.V. 27
3. EURONICS Gaming 18
3. Attempting to Reconnect 18
5. SPGeSports 15
6. Aequilibritas eSports 12
8. Tribunal eSports 9
9. Lausanne-Sport eSports 6
10. EYES ON U 0

Semifinals ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2017:

Sunday, August 6th:

11:00: Entry
~12:00: League of Legends semi #1 (Bo3)
~15:30: League of Legends semi #2 (Bo3)

The entry is free, like already at the match of the Season, and we are glad about all fans who are cheering in Krefeld.