ATTAX welcomes our new CSGO roster


ALTERNATE aTTaX is proud to announce that the former lineup of KILLERFISH eSport will join the organisation to bring back the good old Counter-Strike times.
The management represented by Niklas ‘sliver‘ Timmermann and team captain Christian ‘crisby‘ Schmitt both gave us a short statement on the upcoming cooperation.
Also Niklas ‘sliver‘ Timmermann had a short interview with Christian ‘crisby‘ Schmitt and Oliver Maximilian ‘kzy‘ Heck


After over 10 years of CS we decided to release our lineup in early 2015 and to discontinue our engagement in CSGO for several months to wait for the right opportunity. Now the time has come to announce our new CSGO lineup. We would like to announce the former Killerfish lineup as our new roster in CSGO. By having a team which is a perfect mixture of experienced players and young talents we believe to be a serious opponent in the german and international CSGO scene.

– Niklas ‘sliver‘ Timmermann

Statement Team Captain

In the future we will be playing for ALTERNATE aTTaX. They believe in our potential and will provide us with the support we need to get even better. Everybody of us is really happy to play for them and we can’t wait for the first challenges under their flag. Looking forward to a great collaboration on a long term.

– Christian ‘crisby‘ Schmitt


  • de Christian ‘crisby‘ Schmitt
  • de Tizian ‘tiziaN‘ Feldbusch
  • de Stefan ‘stfN‘ Seier
  • de Kevin ‘keev‘ Bartholomäus
  • de Oliver Maximilian ‘kzy‘ Heck
  • de Stephan ‘Scars‘ Barth (Team-Manager)


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